Monday, 25 May 2015

The day where they took my breath away!

Exactly this date 10 years ago, Liverpool FC won UEFA Champions League for the fifth time, with a dramatic win over AC Milan, becoming one of the greatest final in the Football History.

If you were to ask me: Why Liverpool? I would probably point this picture to you.

You must be challenging me, that I was craving for their success back then. (Yes, Liverpool was sort of unstoppable back then. And what's MU doing? LOL) After all, who doesn't want to support a football club which brings so much glory to the fans? It makes us feel good to be part of their success, right?

But with Liverpool, it's different case.

I don't cling to any idol for long. With my 3 minutes passion, I'm always ended up crazy over them and then life just move on. To me, getting over them is like wasting my time and money. I'm not rich so I probably care my stomach more than them.

When my sister introduce Liverpool to me, I thought she was crazy. It's just a football club that chase after a ball every-single-day anyway. What is so awesome about supporting them? Ok maybe I just support them for my dear sister but after that you will see me just reading my comics  and totally forget about it.

Things started to change when my sis constantly update with me about Liverpool at Champions League 2005.

Back then I was at my low point. I'm not into Christianity, nor doesn't know there's a loving God exist. I don't have confident and feel hopeless living every day. Living with such intense high school environment, I questioned myself alot what is my worth? What can I do for my life? I don't think I'm lucky enough to achieve my dreams, might as well live as it is.

And here, the Champions League Final 2005 changes my view forever.

Going 3 nil down at half-time, Liverpool recovered back at second-half with a dramatic way and subsequently hang in there till the Penalty shoot-out. From there, they won the penalty spot and bring back the trophy they waited for 20 years.

This is something I never saw in any other football club. Persevere and never said die til the final whistle. Plus, they did it for the fans! A football club that played for the fans. Hmm that's something special.

And so, the rest is history.

Whenever I see them played, I always feel that I could learn something from them. I love how they persevere, their never said die attitude. And most importantly, the FANS! Where on this earth you can have such fans who willing to go through with you ups and downs, and still singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" despite going 3 nil down at the final?

10 years has gone by so quickly everything has change. The current Liverpool is no longer the Liverpool that I used to support IMO, and I miss the old Liverpool so badly! If I could turn back the time, I don't mind to whine back to 10 years ago, where a silly teenage girl supporting her favourite football club over there.

Liverpool had taught me SO MUCH, before I met Jesus. Whenever I get to watch them play, I will always remind how they give me a shed of light back then, yes the Never Said Die attitude! And the silliness I've done to support them. Those were the good days!

I don't know why you support your favourite football team. But this is my reason why =)

PS: This post was written wayyyy after 25th May but I would love to set it to this date. ^^

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Goodbye, Captain Fantastic...


Today is the day where we bid farewell to our beloved Captain Fantastic!

Honestly I didn't expect this to come in quickly. I thought he would retired just like Jamie Carragher. Guess he really wants to play for football again, and going to US could fulfill his final wish before he decided to retire.

Gerrard is one of the many LFC players I can look up to. LFC is so blessed to have a captain like him. I mean, take a look at HIM! He's skillful, talented, and most importantly, passionate for Liverpool FC! I doubt we would able to find a replacement like him. He can stir up a team! Without him, the miracle of Istanbul would not happen. I would probably think Liverpool is just another club like others.

Today, with his entire football career serving Liverpool FC, he left to pursue his dream. Devastated is all I can describe but happy to see him pursuing his dream.

Who knows? He will come back some other time, when it's right..

To Steven Gerrard,

No one can replace you just the way you are. You're like a heart of Liverpool FC! I simply cannot imagine what would LFC turn out to be upon your departure. I hate to see you go, but here is my very best wishes to you future endeavors. Thank you for all you've done to my most favourite club in this world! Thanks for making Liverpool FC a very special football club! Thanks for all the great memories you've bring it to us!

Signed by a very devastated Anfieldyee. 

The current Liverpool is making me even worried to be honest (Even lost to Stoke City 6-1 at the last game T______T SG doesn't deserve such shabby, utter-lousy result T_______T).

Dear God.. When all these bad lucks will come to end?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Worthy or Not

It's past 12 midnight and I'm still seating right here, typing a blogpost just because I couldn't sleep. I've my company team building trip coming up tomorrow to Janda Baik and I'm not even fully prepare yet. Talking about last minute preparation, I'm actually pretty good at it LOL.

At this quite night, it's easy to dwell yourselves in thinking mode. Few thoughts were circulating inside my head at the moment. Some of them are questions without answers. Some of them had stayed in my head long enough that I don't know who to share with. Some of them are bad enough to discourage me for doing what I love to do. I guess, there are just lots of things I tend to keep to myself.

Few days ago a friend of mine asked me where do I find the time to blog? Honestly speaking, I don't know lol! Working full-timely in the hectic city, I'm amazed myself that I could make this far: 7 years of blogging! A few of my friends had given up their blog half way. I could say I'm really proud of myself for still not letting this little passion of mine dies away easily.

This comic blog doesn't earn me any penny + opportunities, it's just a blog talking about my silly lives I've encountered. I just draw because I love drawing! I love telling silly stories via doodling, and it makes me extra happy when I got feedback from my friends that they enjoy the story! However, as time goes by, I began to feel that the time spent to create a comic post has been seemly wasting lots of my time. There were lots of times I ever wonder if the past 7 years of my hard work pour inside this blog, is worthy or not.

I admit I do admire those bloggers out there who gets lots of opportunity because of blogging. One of my friends even get to write at the local newspaper after blogging for less than a year (apparently they look up at her blog and was impressed by how well she deliver her thoughts). How cool is that right? To have your own work publicize, it's something I'm dreaming about.

But the reality is always ugly. With 7 years of blogging, I've not achieve anything significantly. Which is kinda erm... sad? If my contents were funny and interesting, I would have gain some readership years ago. People always say that the key to successful blog is to have a theme that could relate themselves. I think I've already failed in this area because I don't have any specific theme for this blog. I blog mostly about my daily life, and no one is interested about your life.

The purpose for me to write this post is to tell the world that despite not gaining any recognition and fame, I don't feel like giving up my comic blog. Perhaps I've spoken (or read) a few of comic bloggers, and knew their struggles, the determination of maintaining a comic blog grew stronger. We may need to spend lots of times in front of our PC than other type of bloggers, it's our passion that we truly enjoy. And also, comic bloggers are unique in their ways! Not many people know how to draw well.

Besides that, it's always been a dream of me since high school, that one day I able to show it to the world about my artwork. I think blog serves a perfect platform for a people like me who just like to draw. My readers may not be as big as those famous comic bloggers have, but that shouldn't be a reason why I should stop drawing, right? Right?

Drawing is a gift from God. God entrusted me with this gift must have HIS very own reason. I will treasure it, and use it to glorify HIS name. Maintaining this comic blog allows my gift to shine~ ^^

Perhaps when the time comes that I should stop doing it, and concentrate what's important in my life. But with the capability to do so for time being, I wish I can contribute my comic blog as much as I can. So when I look back, I left no regrets for being enjoying what I love to do most.

Okay enough of bla-bling. It's 1.40am now and I'll be darn if I could not wake up after 4 hours. I wouldn't want to have the whole bus waiting for me later lol! Here's yours truly signing off. ZZZ

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Days of Dressing (the Aftermath)

I've been praying for this day to come ever since last year. The day I could pen this down with much relief that "It's all over now!" and finally I'm allow to do so WOHOO! Praise the lord for HIS healing power! =)

Today's blog post will be a super long one so I'm sorry if it bored you. I suppose this post might not bored you much if you're into health! (Hopefully it does not turn out to be a boring post. I tryyyyyyyyy to minimize as many as I could lol! ^^")

The post is about my post-lipoma case last year. I once doodled down every single day I'd to deal with and tagged as #DaysofDressing under my IG:

Yep, it was an one horrible experience I'll never forget!

In case you're no familiar with lipoma, here I've Mr Wiki to explain it to you:

A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue (body fat). It is the most common benign form of soft tissue tumor. Lipomas are soft to the touch, usually movable, and are generally painless.
- Wikipedia -

Sunday, 3 May 2015

人在KL, 心已在 Koh Lipe

Hippo is already in her dream land!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Post GST

Feeling the money keep coming out non-stop..

Monday, 27 April 2015

A Thunder Day

I guess... the answer is NO?

Thank God heavy rain strikes at late night! I could use to snug into my cozy bed even though it's just a short pouring! :D:D:D

Friday, 24 April 2015

Over Time