Thursday, 2 July 2015

After for so long..

Other day I was having dinner with my mom and aunt. The mom was asking me how do I help her friend's son to look for a job at Singapore. While I suggest her to look up at Jobstreet, since that's the side where I landed three successful jobs for the past 4 years, the Aunt added on that her friend's son is not good in English, which is probably the reason why he fail to get a job at Singapore.

After hearing what she said, I commented, with much frustration: 

"I met this person, who also not very good in English too, and working attitude is even WORSE than me! And yet, she's able to land a job at Singapore!"

The mom was laughing after listening to my sentence, and continue to munch her dinner. 

It didn't take long for my mom to understand what I said. After all, she knew the reason behind. But it took me for a while to realize, that after for so long, I'm still unable to get over that incident..

Despite many encouragements made from people I've spoken to, the truth is: the more I think, the more I feel the pain inside my heart. Was it because I'm envy, jealous, that I did LOTS of things to reach that goal and yet this is what I've got? Honestly, I've tried very hard, in everything, yet the unfairness pain is still cling inside, especially when I've to see all her updates on her FB. WHY GOD WHY? Why her why not me? Should I do something, like go after my dreams, instead of just wait? So many questions, but no answer..

No doubt that she's happy at the other side. I should be, and trying to be, happy for her. However, at the same time, I wish I will not be seeing her again, and all the people associate with her. Why? If I see her, that evil feeling comes again, and I probably will speak something nasty, hurtful, devilish things right in front of her. You know, a jealous woman keeps people away. 

You may argue, that it's not her fault that causes all these things. She's just being lucky to have such opportunity that people dream of, and while I'm just being used. I feel that I'm the person who need some time to forgive and forget on this incident. People tried to tell me to get over it, but honestly, it's hard. Which is why I'm writing this post. Sorry that you've to bear my seconds of frustration..

The dream maybe shattered but life has to move on. You lose something, you gain something. At least, at the end of the day, I can put trust on God. The future is unpredictable but at this moment I'm certain that I WILL NOT go back to that place, and also keeping contact with the people associate with her. Let the FATE decides whether I will be meeting those bunch of people in the future.

I'm glad that I choose to follow God's prompting, and left that place. Never knew I've been leaving under the sheltered all the while, and letting other people control over my path. Indeed, this world is people-eat-people society. It's time for me to think maturely and not to put so much trust on other people so easily.

You can mess with me, but you can't mess with my friend! You're the WORSE person I ever met in my entire life! I do sincerely hope that I don't need to see you again!

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show.

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PS: Off to HK in less than 24 hours! This would be my sweet getaway to forget all these things! :D After all, we should live life to the fullest mah..

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lately I've been making lots of Wan Tan..

Yes I'm sick again! /.\

This is the forth time I've been down to flu this year. Talk about one of my resolution this year is to become healthy, it's not even December yet and I already broke my goal completely LOL! Haih, why lah my body is so prone to sick these past few years?

Thankfully I'm not that worse, that I need to take MC or paying visit to the doctor.

My sister commented that I probably still hold grudge to my non-happiness situations which I gather for these past few years. I do hope that she's right. Ok maybe it's also part of my responsible that I didn't take good care of myself, but the percentage of hoping my sister's theory is right is way higher than my responsibility. IMHW.

I've tried all sorts of way to get healed naturally: gurgling with salt water, drink honey lemon, drink lemon, taking strepsil, avoid heat stuff, stay hydrated, and here I am still coughing + sneezing like mad woman T______T. Dear readers, is there anymore way that I could try besides asking me to see doctor?

I'm SO looking forward to my this HK trip, which happens on next week. It would be bad if I was beaten by this. Dear flu would you PLEASEEEEEEEE leave me aloneeee?!? T_______T

PS: To a person whom I promise to help up on her big project, if you happens to read this blog post, I'm truly sorry for any delay caused. @@ But I will surely make it up for you before July. @@

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dad's Fashion Taste

Today is Father's Day!

As usual, excuse me I shall draw about my dad every Father's day since I barely talk about him.

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This shows that fashion doesn't comes to him at the first place when choosing the attires. Or maybe, all mens are like this?

I see most of my friends posting a picture of them with their father on FB. So I did it in other way, which is to draw in comic way. Make use of my skills lolol! Very special right? XD

Here I wish my best boyfriend in the world: Happy Father's Day! Stay healthy & wealthy! ^3^

Next time please get us to shop attires for you. That's a very lousy pink sock you're wearing! (Ops)

Friday, 19 June 2015


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The #FatDieMe Week

So last week marks my last week of this company I've been working for the past 4 years.

And also the week where all my workouts were not so in vain.


Allow the pictures to speak for itself:

It all started with free Green Tea Chip Frappuccino (the BEST Frapp you can get!!) from someone who already lost his bet but still don't want to admit that he's on the losing side! -_____-

Early farewell lunch with le boss and 2 colleagues @ Kissaten, muah Fav! ^^

Japanese Chocolate bars from my colleagues! I LOVE IT Thank You!! ^^

Big portion of Phad Thai from Piccadily, my team's treat! 
Actually there's twisted fries but it's not in this picture. Too lazy to take. 

Had always wanted to try out Departure Lounge's Spaghetti so here I am even though I knew I'm going to have a #FatDieMe week ahead!

A fail attempt Curros by Sister Xin but she insists me to try.

Next day, the lunch-saga goes on:

Craving for Yong Tao Fu but here I've got the one with lousy curry! Sorry won't come back for another plate.

Went to Piccadily again! This time, I ordered a sweet overdose Ramen.

Next time I try their fried rice lah. #betterchoice

Manage to sabotage 2 colleagues to help me on my minions collection lolol! MINIONS KUUUUUUUU!

List of chocolate and tibits from Australia.

At this stage I began to feel like surrendering my white flag here...

A piece of SR cake from my colleague on my last day of work. Apparently this is a trap that executed well at the end lol! #blurolme

Actually there were 2 more cakes given by colleagues but I didn't manage to snap a picture of it. 

Hence, I've received 3 cakes in total, more than I received on my birthday! @_____@

The surprisingly good boat noodle at Puchong. Forget about boat noodle's RM1.90 per plate, you guys should try this one!!

Lunch treat by colleague at Ah Pek's Kopitiam, cooked by the most handsome chef in town kononnya...

The colleague keep asking me if I'm still hungry so she can order more for me.

@______@ |||

Okay la this handsome chef can cook well but I'm already beaten. @@

And on that night itself:

Colleagues' wedding dinner at Moon Palace, Puchong. FULL DIE ME!

Cakes at Strangers at 47. CAKE AGAIN?

As the result:

I shall decided to become goldfish for the next few weeks.. *Brup* *Brup* *Brup*

Sunday, 14 June 2015


My so-called farewell to my brader /.\

To be honestly speaking, I'm having a major mixed feelings upon leaving: excited & nervous for my new challenges but at the same time, sad to leave this company which I've many fond, special memories with. It has been 2 days since my last day & here I am still in disbelieve mode that I'd already RESIGNED!!! I's always hard to leave your very first job?

If I were to say what's the thing I've bring along with from this company, it would be the friendship. Some of them are just being a colleague had become buddies, this kind of friendship is very rare, and I truly, truly appreciate to know them from kind of place!

I just want to say Thank You, for being there for me, through ups and downs, for listening all my pain, struggles, complains and share joys with me during my employment here! My journey in this company would not be the same without you guys!

As for my last week, here I thought I would have a pale, plain days till my last day. Little did I know that the colleagues were secretly planned out some surprises for me! Not trying to boast here but I just keep receiving gifts and lunch invitations every day till my last day lolol! I felt like a princess being manja by people around me! XD

I think I'm a very bless girl to have such an awesome colleagues around me. Don't know what have I done (except scolding them for keep asking me questions) to deserve all these treatments.

Thank you guys for the farewell wishes, gift, lunches and hugssss! I truly appreciated! :)

Before I sign off, here are some photos of my last employment week:

Farewell lunch at Kissaten. THAT pork burgerrrrrrrr!

The team treat me with this big portion of Phad Thai @ Piccadily

The farewell gifts which are more than I received on my birthday / Christmas!
#Doraemonnnn #Parker #SecretRecipe #Chocolatesss #Minionssss

Farewell lunch with one of my colleague @ Ah Pek Kopitiam, cooked by the most lengzai Chef in town kononnya...

The things I did on my last day:
Reminiscing the old times where I've to walk through this lorong to my workplace every single morning.

The good old days. Until now I still remember how my first day went on with this company. ^^

Surely I will miss my time here. Sad to leave, but it's time to move on.

To all my awesome colleagues, thank you for making who I am today! Here I'm to wish you all the best in your undertakings! =)

If there's a FATE between us, we will definitely meet again! I won't run away when I bump into you LOL!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sabah Mourns

Stay strong, Sabah..

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Two Pesos @ PJ SS2

Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Day with Crazygirl

The Crazygirl was in town for a short visit to prepare her pre-wedding stuff. As a person who had stuck at Malaysia for so long, I offered my help to hunt for her pre-wedding stuff, for a day.

Initially we invited Chisinpo but so happen that she was too busy with her stuff. So yesterday there was just 2 of us, driving all the way down from north to south, two ways. Instead of having girls night out, we have a girls day out! :p

It comes to realize that we haven't had been hanging out with one another for so long, ever since the both of us graduated from college. Either she was not in Malaysia or I'm not in town. We did hung out after that but usually is with a group of people.

So happen that that day it's just the two of us were available for each other. And you know what, I actually enjoy it very much! It's just like back to those good old high school day!