Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Choice of Travel Luggage

Sometimes, it's good to take your old folk's advice.

I always prefer backpack whenever I travel. It's so convenient, and also making me look more like a pro traveler! XD However, I realize that my preference changed as I grew older wiser, and travelled longer distance, that I lean more towards wheel luggage.

Okay, maybe wheel luggage is more suitable if we travel to a big city like Singapore.

What's your choice of travel luggage?

(To Be Continue)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Strangers At 47 @ Section 17, PJ

Friday, 17 July 2015

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015

Anfieldyee & Hippo would like to wish all our muslim friends:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! 
Maaf Zahir & Batin

It's another day of long holiday important festival celebrated by Malaysians, and also an important season where we can learn Ketupak from our Malay friends! XD

Apologize for my late wishes as I was busy with building up my newly baby FB page. If you happens to read this and haven't give me a LIKE, appreciate that if you could do so that I can continue to draw. XD

Click on the image.

Hippo will be the first one to give you flying kisses. =)

Alrighty that's all about it! Remember to learn how to make ketupak from your Muslim friends! 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cafe 9 @ Seksyen 17, PJ

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I don't call myself a Chinese. I'm a Malaysian.

Was reading the recent news happened in our country and suddenly thought of this comic that I didn't get to publish at the first place. I think I was meant to draw it 2 years ago for this particular incident lol!

In case you do not know, it's about a recent Low Yat case that every Malaysians were talking about. I'm too lazy to elaborate as you can always ask Mr Google to understand what exactly had happened. Basically, it's about someone stole a hand phone in lowyat, got caught and beaten up, someone gather his gang to attack the store but got chased away by the management, and some people intend to seize this opportunity to make it become a race issue.

And here I'm keep pondering about how possibly a phone theft issue can become too racialise. I know, sometimes my country can be too complicated. 

Racism exists everywhere, no doubly. It's either mild or worse. Especially Malaysia is the multi-racial country. I'm actually not surprise that one day I woke up with another racism issue in the news paper. What I couldn't understand is that after for so many years of independence, there are these people remains just...well, too much racism? What's inside their mind that makes them think so? Their past traumas made them who they are? Encountered shite experiences with people from different races? Or not fully prepared to accept other race's culture? WHY? Usually it's action and words that causes racism, but my country is all because of a phone. -____-

One thing I love about Malaysia, is different kind of races that lives harmony together. OK maybe not that harmony as what is like to be in the TV but we celebrates festivals together, we eat each other signature dish together, we share our language together, we make different races of friends together, and heck, we celebrate each one another glories moments together! Different races lives harmony, this is something you cannot get it from other country.

I myself do have friends from other races and I don't find any problem mixing with them. Admittedly, some of the cultures from each races I may not comfortably accept it. But I'm thankful that Malaysia gives us the opportunity to respect one another, that I'm still able to be friends with them. At least I'm not living under constant teasing and fighting one another right here.

It would be sad to see if such incident would affects our unity as one nation. I hate to see this unity chain being broken in my country, especially Malaysia really needs us at this moment to face all the traumas together: politics, planes, flood, currency drop, GST, increasing living cost, earth quake and don't tell me this will gonna be an issue? While I believe most of the Malaysians are more rationalize towards this case, I sincerely hope and pray that we can be more open-minded and not too judgmental. Why adamant to separate yourselves with others if there's no issue in living together?

I think the word "Malaysian" suits us more instead of being labeled as Chinese, Malay, Indian or other else. What do you think? 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Nothing Much I Can Do..

Continue from: Whatever

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Personal Travel Agent

Recently I've this so-called new job to carry out in my family:

Thus, the life of being a Personal Travel Agent to my family: check air ticket price, check air ticket price for ALL airline (a newly addition task), book air ticket for them and web-checking for them.


Anyway, the reason I draw this comic is about a cheap air ticket price I've found lately:

This is the air ticket price for two ways, from March until May 2016.
And it's on weekends!!

Should I?!?!?!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

After for so long..

Other day I was having dinner with my mom and aunt. The conversation goes on when the mom was asking me how can she help her friend's son to look for a job at Singapore. While I suggest her to look up at Jobstreet, since that's the side where I manage to land 3 successful job offers for the past 4 years, the aunt added on that her friend's son is not good in English, which is probably the reason why he fail to get a job at Singapore.

After hearing what my aunt said, I commented, with much frustration tone: 

"I met this person, whom also not very good in English, and working attitude is even WORSE than me! Yet, she's able to land a job at Singapore!"

The mom was laughing after listening to my sentence, and continue to munch her dinner. 

It didn't take long for my mom to understand what I said. After all, she knew the reason behind. But it took me for a while to realize, that after for so long, I'm still unable to get over that incident..

Despite many encouragements made from people I've spoken to, the truth is: the more I think, the more I feel the pain inside my heart. Was it because I'm envy, jealous, that I did LOTS of things to reach that goal and yet this is what I've got? Honestly, I've tried very hard, in everything, yet the unfairness pain is still cling inside, especially when I've to see all her updates on her FB. WHY GOD WHY? Why her why not me? Should I do something, like go after my dreams, instead of just wait and writing this post? So many questions, but no answer..

No doubt that she's happy at the other side. I should be, and trying to be, happy for her. However, at the same time, I wish I will not be seeing her again, and all the people associate with her. Why? If I see her, that evil feeling comes again, and I probably will speak something nasty, hurtful, devilish things right in front of her. You know, a jealous woman keeps people away. 

You may argue, that it's not her fault that causes all these things. She's just being lucky to have such opportunity that people dream of. On the other hand, I'm just being used by people. I feel that I'm the person who need some time to forgive and forget for this incident. People tried to tell me to get over it, but honestly, it's hard. Which is why I'm writing this post. Sorry that you've to bear my seconds of frustration.

The dream maybe shattered but life has to move on. You lose something, you gain something. At least, at the end of the day, I know I can trust on God, instead of human. Human changes over time but God is always the same God. 

The future is unpredictable but at this moment I'm certain that I WILL NOT go back to that place, and also keeping contact with the people associate with her. I'm glad that I choose to follow God's prompting, and left that place. Never knew I've been leaving under the sheltered all the while, and letting other people controlled over my path, make fun of me & backstabbed me as they like.

Indeed, this world is people-eat-people society. It's time for me to think maturely and not to put so much trust on other people so easily.

You can mess with me, but you can't mess with my friend! You're the WORSE person I ever met in my entire life! I do sincerely hope that I don't need to see you again!

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show.

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PS: Off to HK in less than 24 hours! This would be my sweet getaway to forget all these things! :D After all, we should live life to the fullest!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lately I've been making lots of Wan Tan..

Yes I'm sick again! /.\

This is the forth time I've been down to flu this year. Talk about one of my resolution this year is to become healthy, it's not even December yet and I already broke my goal completely LOL! Haih, why lah my body is so prone to sick these past few years?

Thankfully I'm not that worse, that I need to take MC or paying visit to the doctor.

My sister commented that I probably still hold grudge to my non-happiness situations which I gather for these past few years. I do hope that she's right. Ok maybe it's also part of my responsible that I didn't take good care of myself, but the percentage of hoping my sister's theory is right is way higher than my responsibility. IMHW.

I've tried all sorts of way to get healed naturally: gurgling with salt water, drink honey lemon, drink lemon, taking strepsil, avoid heat stuff, stay hydrated, and here I am still coughing + sneezing like mad woman T______T. Dear readers, is there anymore way that I could try besides asking me to see doctor?

I'm SO looking forward to my this HK trip, which happens on next week. It would be bad if I was beaten by this. Dear flu would you PLEASEEEEEEEE leave me aloneeee?!? T_______T

To a person whom I promise to help up on her big project, if you happens to read this blog post, I'm truly sorry for any delay caused. @@ But I will surely make it up for you before July. @@

At the end I've to see doctor, for the sake of my HK trip. (a very meh-ish face)