Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I'm sick..

Saturday, 21 March 2015

How my phone got snatch away?

Yeah I know I can play the bad guy, snatch the phone away violently,
or get his mom to scold him and I can have my phone back!

But why didn't I think of this at the first place huh? #sillygirlproblem

Anyway, in case you are wondering what kind of game that me and my couzy got hook on, it's call CROSSY ROAD:

If this is the first time you heard about this game, basically is to assists the animals crossing the road without getting hit by the transportation.

It may sounds like another kind of boring game but it's not as easy to race with your own scores. My highest score at the moment is 80 steps (with the couzy's help LOL) whereas sis is already reach 99 levels (!!!).

It reminds me of flappy bird game so you can get an idea of it's not those toodle/kids played that kind of game you know what I mean?

Playing with the pig my couzy "bought" for me. It has the CUTEST sounds I've ever heard so far!! #IMO

I must say the couzy is very smart lor, know how to use all my coins and went on buying those new pets before I knew there was this kind of functions exist! -_-
To me, all animals are the same except the noise they make. Some are so-darn-cute!!

This is how you earn your coins, after your animals got hit by a car / jump into the river / got caught by the eagles (basically is to get them killed first, earn later):

1) Watch an ad video - 20 coins
2) Got free coins - amount is random but it's more than 70 coins

You need exactly 100 coins to buy a new pet!

My next purchase was a fish!

Out of curiousity, I use it to cross the road! 
(Thought fish cannot live without water??)

But it was too slow and it got caught by the eagles!

Did experiments to let the fish jump into the river and what I've got is GAME OVER! -_-

They have this "shot of the moment" where the game will help you snap the moment your pet kena killed. Above this picture shows how my fish got kill by a taxi -_-||

If you have more than one pets, you can choose which pet to use to cross the road!

Some environment will change according to your pet's characteristic.

The aftermath:

If you feel bored of those existing games, perhaps you can try this one!

And if you are worried that this game will get you hook up until you went to bed at late night, not to afraid so as there's no level involved. You just have to beat your own scores!

And also don't let the kids know you are playing this game! You'll probably ended up just like me. T_____T
(Unless you wanna be the bad guy?)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Reasons to watch Kingsman

Rephrase: All the Kingsman characters are very cool!
Didn't know Taron Egerton is so HANDSOME in Kingsman suit! XD

Ok back to serious topic. Here is my review:

Kingsman: The Secret Service

If you haven't watch this movie, you ought to do so before it has been officially taken down from GSC/TGV! By looking at the trailer and plot, you can figure it out that it's an action-spy movie. But wait! It's not just an action-spy, but Action-Comedy-Spy movie! It is rare to have action and comedy fuse together in a movie, and Kingsman had it all!

The story line overall was awesome IMO! Perhaps there were few unexpected senses and slaught censors which if you scare of blood, you probably won't like watching it. I personally don't like watching slaughting scenes but I was totally fine with it as it wasn't that much. You can take a few minutes to cover your eyes if you don't want to watch those slaughting scenes and enjoy the rest of the movie! And with some good laughs! :D

Kudos to Matthew Vaughn for producing such an awesome movie! I really don't mind spending RM16 to watch it. But can anybody tell me why is it worth RM16? 

Kingsman, the best of the movie I've seen so far this year!

Oh, did I just mention that Taron Egerton is HAWT in Kingsman?


*It literally blows my mind away*

Anfieldyee's Rating: 9/10
Unexpected and well-present story line. Alot of ganjeong moments, a true action-comedy and not too much of love scene movie, which I like! Worth every penny you spent!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Saturday, 14 March 2015

How to prevent Dengue Fever?

Of course there are other prevention like using mosquito net, stay away from heavily populated resident etc. I'm just summarize the general here =)

The recent rise of Dengue case is alarming. I even had two friends got admitted recently due to Dengue. O____O Do take good care of yourselves, including me too LOL. Really hope the dengue case will not be as severe as what we thought to be, and also praying for my friend as well.

In case you are "not so lucky" (aka kena dengue) and have to pay a visit to the hospital (touch wood), always, ALWAYS remember there are three ways for you to fight against Dengue:

#1 Drink Plenty of water (like 3 litres a day? Even the fever could leave you instantly! I can testify this!)
#2 Drink plently of 100 plus (I don't know why but this is one of the ways the doctor will suggest. Anyone?)
#3 And drink papaya leave (Never tried before but a way recommended by many people, why ar?)

OK continue my hunt for Mosquitos~!! *KEEEEEEEEL Arrrrrr*

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Was meant to post this since last year but drag until today due to severe procrastination plus Dayre just updated their new looks JUST today before I about to press this "Publish" button here. So I've to end up re-edit all the pictures before I do so.  


Not many people knows that besides drawing, I actually enjoy writing.

When I was in primary school, I'm quite good at writing novel. Even with my famous for horrible-grammar-mistake had won some praises from a couple of English teachers who genuinely cares for me! I was so good back at those days till to the extend that teachers at school kept showing up my essays in front of every student in class with "You can refer to Anfield's example. She wrote a very good essay!" *self-praising*

I remember I once participate a writing workshop and wrote his essay that got the teacher's attention and loud applause. It was too good that the teachers commented I shouldn't be here! *HOHOHO* You know, one of the reason why you are passion for a particular things is because you won praises from other people. Sooo, from that moment, I work hard and read as much those famous novel book as possible, and also practice my writing skills. I thought, I want to become a novelist when I grow up!

Of course I'm not that good as you imagine, as I came from average class. There are more people from good class who wrote MUCH better essays than I. 

So why of this dream of me becoming novelist didn't come true? I guess something comes up along the way that I couldn't remember exactly what had happened. But definitely nothing to do with drawing. You can say that writing could be my actual potential-talent that I didn't went on to build it, and drawing is the skill that I've sharpened it over a decade. (Will blog separately on how I touch drawing in the future)

I started this blog 7 years ago with aim to improve my English writing (link here). Obviously it didn't come true as it ended up becoming comic blog lol. As much as I enjoy drawing, I still love writing, until today! Even with my grammar mistakes. I could went on scribbling and bombarding it with my words in a piece of paper all.day.long! I read blogs to get some ideas on how other famous bloggers present their post. I used to keep diary, and wrote about my daily lifes right here but it dies away as I'm too lazy to write on the book, too lazy to on my PC just to update the blog.

In summary, I'm just plain lazy to do all these inconveniences.

Plus, even if  I have that steering heart to write my diary, I probably not able to write things out as I tend to be forgetful. Wouldn't it be better if I thought of something on the spot and quickly write it down somewhere so that I would not miss out any important small moment?

Which is why, I'm happy to discover this application, two years ago:

If you are not into social media, Dayre is a app that helps you blog on your mobile device.

Nowadays you can use mobile to surf online, FB, message, calls etc, and you probably feel lazy to on your PC to search whatever you need, just like me. Which is why the blogging craze has been tamed down.

Dayre comes in handy if you still have the passion to blog, yet living in a busy life - You can now blog with using Mobile Phones!

It's so convenient for people like me to bombard the words I can have a platform which allows me to practice my writing skills! :D And not letting my passion for blogging dies away!!

My dayre blog in mobile view. It's hard to explain here but basically I find the views are very simple and user friendly.

These are the dayre blogs I follow will appears in my timeline whenever they update their dayre

Now you probably will be asking me what's so good using this app since I've a blog and I can blog it via their mobile apps? To tell you the truth, I find it other blog's app is not very well maintained. Plus, what you view through Mobile may not be the same as what it will appear at the website. You probably will not aware that your photos are not posted up in your blog, or your entire post just disappear.

While dayre allows me to have the full look of what it will appears in my and other people's mobile phone after posting it. I love its outcome, make me easier to read.

To use Dayre it comes with 5, straight-forward tools:


You can write up to 500 words per column, adding as many writing column as possible to make it looks like you are as if writing a blogspot! The picture above shows that I wrote one of the column and how does it looks like after I post. I also added another writing column for the next paragraph!

If you tick "Post as quotation", it will appears like a Quote! :)


Either you snap it with Dayre, or upload it from your Mobile's gallery and comment the photos with not more than 500 words.

You can also filter the picture! :)


Same goes to photo, either take it with dayre or upload it from your gallery. You can add your caption with less than 500 words.


Dayre's stickers are just ADORABLE!! Each of it has its mood expression and it really relates to how I feel!


Like foursquare, you can check in a location and tell the dayrians what are you doing over there.

So simple right? :D

And I ain't finish yet....

The current Dayre has enhanced with extra features, which makes it act more like a blog:

A) You can view your / other people's entry in Daily basis or monthly basis

Of course you cannot view the whole post if you choose to view it by month.

B) You can tag someone in your post! 

Not even blogger allows me to do so!!

C) You can hashtag just like how you did at Instagram!

Just clicking on the hashtag and you can find who out there are using this hashtag, too!

D) New feature comes with shuffling the post between! 

Now I don't have to post it by sequence already!! I can write all I want first and do the sequence later! :D

Oh, did I mention that you can edit your post even after you post it? XD

E) Explore

You can explore the dayre community with search blogs, blogs and hashtag!

F) Knowing what your fellow Dayrians are doing, including those who haven't follow you yet!

I can stalk them even though they are not dayring! :P

And the most importantly,

G) Dayre comes in Website view too!

OH MY 4 little gorgeous hippos, display so beautifully on the web!

With your personal blog link, and it's super simple and clean which makes me easier to read!! Now I feel like reading a blog!


(Don't know why I feel like writing a scientific essay here lol)

If you are a person like me, too lazy busy to ON your PC, you can consider using Dayre.
Once you started, it's kinda addictive. Even if your passion for dayre dies off, just reading other people's post and you will get the fire back again lol!

Of course I won't abandon my 7 years old of blog. It has been growing with me for the past 2 stages how can I just abandon it like that? I treat Dayre as my online journal, more on updating my boring-ness lifestyle. Blog is more on comic and review posts.

If I adamant to fulfill my childhood dream, this is a good place to start with. No one (except those who cares for you) is interested in reading your lifestyle anyway, unless your lifestyle is very envious.

So fellow bloggers, whatcha waiting for??

Dayre is available at IOS | Android so go download NAO!

And lastly, don't forget to follow me!!

At least give me some COMMISSION (aka FOLLOW ME) upon introducing such an awesome app to you guys ma...